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The rise of IVT threat

27% of organic and direct traffic is invalid, leading to the loss of $697B on skewed data each year and $115B wasted in sales labor.

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Improve website performance

Bots can slow down your website's loading time and consume valuable server resources. By detecting and blocking bots with our bot mitigation solution, you can provide a better user experience.

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Prevent fraud and abuse

Some bots are designed to scrape your website's content or harvest user data, while others may be used to launch malicious attacks. Detect and block these bots to keep your pipeline clean from bad leads, fake form filling, and fake chat engagement.

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Act or lose

CHEQ Essentials Bot Mitigation is designed to help website owners detect bots that are accessing their sites. Accurately identify bot interactions with your site, block them in real time, and focus on genuine human users only.

Act or lose

Gain insights into your website traffic

With detailed reports on bot activity, including bot type and behavioral patterns, you’ll understand your website traffic and make informed decisions on improving website performance.

How it works

CHEQ Essentials Bot Mitigation uses a combination of techniques to identify malicious bots, including advanced algorithms and over 2,000 behavioral tests in real time for every visit. If we detect it as malicious or suspicious - we block it.


Get better traffic insights
to enhance your marketing performance

Get a detailed breakdown
of your data to reveal the different
threats affecting your domains.

Observe how the invalid traffic has been blocked forever from harming your site.

Inspect the origin of invalid traffic
damaging your site, including
their geolocation, threat type, 
and what page it happened on.

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Frequently asked questions

Who needs bot mitigation?

Preventing bad bot traffic is crucial to any company or business that relies on online platforms, digital advertising, or lead generation. Bot mitigation blocks bots and prevents them from generating invalid traffic (IVT) or fake leads, ensuring that valuable resources are directed toward genuine users and improving the overall effectiveness of your online operations.

What threatens my website without bot mitigation?

Invalid traffic, such as bad bots, gives you an inaccurate understanding of your analytics and conversion rates, wasting your team’s time and resources on fake leads and stopping you from focusing on real potential customers.

How does bot mitigation work?

Our unique bot mitigation solution identifies and prevents bad bots from entering and interacting with your website by sending them to a 403 unauthorized page instead.

With over 2,000 real-time detection tests and evaluations, we make sure to block bad bots traffic only so you can focus your website performance and marketing efforts on genuine customers only.

How does bot mitigation affect my website?

Bot mitigation positively impacts website performance by effectively blocking bad bot traffic. Filtering out this invalid traffic prevents the unnecessary consumption of server resources, bandwidth, and processing power.

This results in improved website speed, enhanced user experience, and increased server uptime and ensures that valuable resources are dedicated to genuine users rather than wasted on fake leads or fraudulent activities.

Block invalid traffic with CHEQ Essentials

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