Ads & website protection:
CHEQ Essentials vs Lunio

Compare the fake traffic security solutions and choose the one that best suits your needs

CHEQ Essentials
Easy and quick setup
Self serve
Customized detection and blocking rules for your ads
IP Exclusion, Rules, Behavior & GEO, Audience Exclusion
Ensures authenticity and roots out human and non-human visitors attempting to mask their identity
2,000+ real-time cyber tests on each visit
Protection capabilities for your ads and websites
Sources Detection

All organic, direct, and paid sources

Depends on the plan

Distinguish between human activity and bot activity, ensuring only validated users visit your website
Bot Detection
Protects your pixel from firing on invalid and fake events.
Pixel Guard for Pmax and Smart campaigns
Optimize according to real-time updates and accurate data
Daily insights
Customer Support

24/7 human chat, phone call, email

Email, launchpad


Starting at $149/m

Depends on monthly spend

7-day free trial ∙ Quick setup ∙ 24/7 Support

The world's leading companies choose CHEQ


The Impactful Game
Changer: The Engine.

CHEQ Essentials is the only solution that utilizes advanced algorithms and real-time monitoring capabilities to detect and block harmful sources, preventing substantial damage.
Each visit undergoes over 2,000 behavioral tests and cyber challenges. If it’s detected as invalid, we block it.

Secure your company's
marketing from all angles

Protect your PPC campaigns

  • Block click fraud, ad fraud and fake impressions on your ads.
  • Divert all your ad spend to genuine traffic only
  • Make wiser decisions based on pure and accurate traffic data

Purify your website from IVT

  • Detect invalid traffic coming from organic, direct and paid sources.
  • Block malicious bots from visiting & engaging your website.
  • Avoid fake form-filling, fake leads, and any bot attack.

Coming soon!

Build consumer trust, maintain marketing agility, and enable compliance with global privacy regulations like GDPR, CPRA, and LGPD with our best-in-class consent management and preference enforcement platform.

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Trusted by +15,000 customers worldwide


G2 Applause - Users appreciate CHEQ Essentials

“CHEQ Essentials puts my mind at ease regarding click fraud”

“Spending hours looking at clicks that don’t make sense just isn’t scalable. We needed CHEQ”


“Our Cost Per Acquisition metrics have significantly improved”


“CHEQ keeps invalid users out and ensures our decisions are based on clean data

Protect your ads
and websites