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Terms and Conditions

Please review Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions before completing your application.

Nature of the Agreement

CHEQ Essentials Affiliate program encourages you to promote our services, bring us new customers and expose us to new audiences in exchange for fair and prompt compensation. We will give you all tools necessary and update you in real-time about your activity and earnings.

The Affiliate Agreement – Definitions

This Affiliate Agreement (“Agreement”) contains the complete terms and conditions between us, The CHEQ Essentials Affiliate program (“CHEQ Essentials”, “program”, “we”, “us”), and You (“Affiliate”, “you”, “your”), regarding your application to participate as an affiliate of CHEQ Essentials.

As an Affiliate, your role will be to promote the CHEQ Essentials Brand and services offered in the Affiliate Program.

It is vital that you read and understand these Terms and Conditions before promoting our product.

The agreement shall come into effect on the date the Affiliate application is approved by CHEQ Essentials.

If you do not agree with the following Terms and Conditions, you should stop your application.

Extent of the Relationship

Once you sign the agreement, You and CHEQ Essentials are independent contractors, and nothing in this Agreement nor any action taken by any party to this Agreement will create any joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between the parties.

When joining the program, and upon our approval, you will be appointed as a non-exclusive affiliate; we have other affiliates, you can market other products.

You will have no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on CHEQ Essentials’s behalf. You will not make any statement, whether on your site or otherwise, that reasonably would contradict anything in this Section.

You represent and warrant that you are able to participate in the program, that you will only act in a legal, legitimate manner and that you will not infringe on any intellectual property right or act in any deceptive practice when participating in it.

Nothing contained in this Agreement will grant the Affiliate any right, title or interest in the trademark, brand name, service or other intellectual property rights of CHEQ Essentials™.

To begin the enrollment process, you must submit a completed Affiliate registration form, which can be found at CHEQ Essentials has sole discretion whether to approve or reject your application.

Promoting CHEQ Essentials

We provide our affiliates a limited, non-exclusive, license to use our trademark, brand name, and promotional materials.

These promotional materials (sometimes referred to herein as “assets” or “marketing tools”) may be forwarded to you by CHEQ Essentials and/or made available online through the affiliate site in the form of referral links and embed codes (referred to herein as “links”).

The Affiliate may post as many links leading to the CHEQ Essentials site as they find necessary as well as register in any search, referral, or advertising services, provided the Affiliate ensures that each website containing a Referral Link meets the terms of this Agreement.

In utilizing the Links, you agree that you will cooperate with us in full to establish and maintain such Links. You also agree that You will display on your site only those assets provided by us, or messages expressly approved by CHEQ Essentials.

We do not allow the use of the CHEQ Essentials brand name in paid advertising, including Google Ads and other search engines. You will not purchase, attempt to register, or register keywords, search terms or other identifiers for use in any search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service which are identical or similar to the CHEQ Essentials’s brand and trademark, or variations that are confusingly similar.

The Affiliate shall not register nor attempt to register any mark or website domain which is identical or similar to any mark which belongs to CHEQ Essentials.

The Affiliate shall not post their links on ads sponsored by others, including CHEQ Essentials.

If you do not use authorized links to direct potential customers to CHEQ Essentials, we will not be able to attribute them to your affiliate account, thus we will not be able to compensate you.

Customer Procurement

Affiliates shall introduce our services to prospective customers (referred to herein as “users”) and shall comply with all applicable laws (including applicable data protection laws) including those that govern email marketing and anti-spam laws.

We will process registrations placed by referred users that followed the referral Links to the CHEQ Essentials site. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to reject users and customers that do not comply with all requirements under this Agreement and our Terms of Service. All aspects of processing and fulfillment will be our responsibility. We will track the impressions, clicks, signups, and qualified customers generated by you and will make this information available to you through your affiliate dashboard. To permit accurate tracking, reporting, and Commission accrual, you must ensure that the Links between your Site/platform and our website are properly formatted.

We offer full 24 hour support to CHEQ Essentials Customers.

We offer full support to our affiliates through their assigned affiliate managers.


Affiliates will promote the Brand and create the Links from the Affiliate Website(s) to the Brand(s) and thereby be paid a commission as defined under this Agreement depending on the traffic generated to the Brand subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and to the applicable Commission Structure.

CHEQ Essentials is responsible for tracking all users, customers and revenue generated via the tracking links. We record the revenue and the total amount of commission earned via the link, provide the affiliate with commission statistics, and handle all customer services related to the business. A tracking identification code will be assigned to all referred customers.

The affiliate is eligible for a Commission calculated as a percentage of the Revenue, or fixed amounts generated through CPA/CPL, or a mix of the two, as set out in the Commission Structure.

Your default commission structure is 25% Revenue Share for the first 2 years of the users’ subscription. 

Additional commission structure can be discussed and agreed upon between CHEQ Essentials and the affiliate and will be visible in the affiliate dashboard with adjusted rates for high performing affiliates.

We may change the commission at any time based on our own discretion. We will not change the commission plan without your knowledge. Such changes will not be retroactive (i.e., changes will only apply to newly paying users).

We will not pay a commission for self-dealing, (i.e., using the affiliate program to get discounts).

You may not use tracking links for your own personal use and/or the use of your relatives, employees or other third parties, or in any other way attempt to artificially increase the commission payable or to otherwise defraud CHEQ Essentials. Violation of this provision shall be deemed to be fraud and give CHEQ Essentials the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect, to close any related Affiliate accounts and to retain any earnings of an Affiliate who is found to violate this point.


The commission is calculated at the end of each month and payments shall be performed by the end of the following calendar month, provided that the amount due reaches the threshold that we determine and post on our website. The payment shall be made via PayPal or any other method we agree upon.

Until the payment is made, the sums specified on your account are not considered debt, and shall not be paid until you reach that threshold.

You shall bear all taxes and expenses relating to the payment, including any fees which may be incurred by your bank.

You are required by law to provide us with an invoice upon payment, or upload an invoice generated by your affiliate dashboard. Invoices can be generated for you in cases where you are not a registered company and do not require a payment to an Israeli bank.

If we provide a user with a refund, we may deduct the commission from your future payment.

Each party shall bear its own expenses, and the commission you are entitled to is the sole payment you receive in relation to your services.

If we are unable to reach you in order to make the payment we will keep your funds accessible for 6 months. You are responsible for updating your contact and payment information in the affiliate dashboard. We will not be able to make payments without your full information.

For any clarification on this matter or help with updating your information, reach out to your affiliate manager.

Termination and Suspension

We reserve the right to terminate your affiliation with the CHEQ Essentials affiliate program at any time.

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