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Automatically detect and block harmful traffic in real-time, to unlock your marketing activity's full potential.

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Ad and website protection have become essential.

An average of 22.3% of web traffic is invalid, made by bots or other fraudulent users, costing advertisers billions annually. Implementing CHEQ Essentials allows you to stop wasting your ad spend on fake traffic, click fraud and ad fraud.

Obtain accurate data,
make wiser decisions.

Remove uncertainty from your data insights; Connect the invalid traffic data from CHEQ Essentials to your Google Analytics and get the full picture of your web visitors.

Good traffic in.
Bad traffic out.

CHEQ Essentials operates advanced algorithms and real-time monitoring capabilities to detect and block harmful sources from causing immense damage.
Each visit goes through over 2,000 security tests in real-time, guaranteeing invalid traffic is stopped in its tracks.

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Get your company’s marketing
secured from all angles

Protect your PPC campaigns

  • Block click fraud, ad fraud and fake impressions on your ads.
  • Divert all your spend to real human traffic only
  • Rely on pure clean data for decision making.

Purify your website from IVT

  • Detect invalid traffic coming from organic, direct and paid sources.
  • Block malicious bots from visiting & engaging your website.
  • Avoid fake form-filling, fake leads, and any bot attack.

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Build consumer trust, maintain marketing agility, and enable compliance with global privacy regulations like GDPR, CPRA, and LGPD with our best-in-class consent management and preference enforcement platform.

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